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RotorCon 2019

Las Vegas All Rotary is proud to announce the dates for our third annual event, RotorCon 2019! We have things planned for the whole weekend, with the main event happening Saturday the 27th. The location will be The Orleans Resort and Casino, who have given us a great space for the event as well as discounted room rates. With gorgeous weather, a great family-friendly location and all the rotary goodness you could want, RotorCon 2019 is where you’ll wanna be!

  • Competitions
  • Raffle
  • Vendors


Friday 04/26

Location: Orleans Casino west parking structure

Time: 7:00pm til 8:00pm

Activity: Meetup and pre-registration for competitors at the Orleans Arena parking

Time: 8:00pm

Activity: Dinner at the Orleans buffet

Saturday 04/27

Location: Parking area west of Orleans Arena

Time: 8:00am til 10:00am

Activity: Vendor and sponsor booth placement and setup

Time: 10:00am

Activity: RotorCon 2019

Time: 12:00pm

Activity: End of competitor registration and start of voting

Time: 3:00pm

Activity: Raffle drawing

Time: 4:00pm

Activity: Announcement of trophy winners

Time: 8:00pm

Activity: Cruise up the strip from Orleans Casino to (location not chosen)

Sunday 04/28

Location: Parking area west of Orleans Arena

Time: 12:00pm

Activity: Cruise from Orleans Casino to (location not chosen yet), NV

Discounted room rates are available for the whole weekend by booking via www.orleanscasino.com/groups or by calling (800) 675-3267 and using the discount code A9ARC04. Room rates (not counting taxes and fees) are: Thursday the 25th for $49, Friday the 26th for $109, Saturday the 27th for $109, and Sunday the 28th for $49. Weekend rates at most casinos are much higher and the cutoff for the discount is March 26th.

There’ll be much more information coming out including trophy categories, so keep an eye on alll the upcoming info in the Google Doc, https://goo.gl/Q7KHNh. Vendor information will be sent directly to those interested. For any more information, please reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, email at lasvegasallrotary@gmail.com , or phone at 702-907-5478. We look forward to seeing the rotary community in Las Vegas for RotorCon 2019!